Get immediate access to an exclusive excerpt from the soon-to-be released book by one of Australia’s leading digital strategists, Jasmine Batra: The Digital Strategy Blueprint for CEOs. As the co-founder and CEO of Arrow Digital Marketing, Jasmine has helped over 900 CEOs like yourself understand how to get ahead in the digital revolution with practical advice that directly impacts your bottom line.

If you read only one guide on digital, make it this one.


There are many businesses who’ll confess to a rather haphazard approach to their digital marketing. Most realise it is important but are unaware of its full potential, least of all how to harness it. Even if you already have an in-house team in charge of digital marketing activities, chances are the strategy is not sufficient nor properly aligned with your overarching business goals. A disconnect between the two will cause holes in your marketing plan that go undetected.

Whether you’re not doing enough or throwing everything at it and hoping something sticks, the benefit could be so much more! And you don’t necessarily have to work harder; just work smarter.

Jasmine predicts significantly more profit if you develop a top-down approach originating from you the CEO, to execute your vision. Best of all, she doesn’t just talk the talk; she is hands-on in delivering this strategy day in and day out- and it gets RESULTS.

Jasmine and her team of 20 Digital specialists have added $780 million to their clients’ bottom line across 27 industries. This book covers the approach she has fine-tuned over the last 10 years and will assist you in crafting the right combination of in-house activity and agency expertise.

Book features:

topicHow to align your business model with the most beneficial digital platforms
topicExtending target audience reach and boosting your conversion potential
topicIdentify and reduce wasted marketing spend
topicPicking the right digital team to execute your vision
topicHow to measure digital performance with precision
topicInsights into the new consumer behaviour and adapting your sales funnel
topicMultiple examples and case studies to apply to your business and support your understanding
topicHow to experiment on new strategies towards minimizing risk and maximising profit potential

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